pict of Dean

FUKUI Kazutoshi 
Dean,School of Engineering

The School of Engineering, University of Fukui, is one of the largest engineering education research institutes consisting of eight departments. We believe the Faculty will respond to your expectations by covering almost all engineering fields and promptly dealing with the rapid advances in engineering. Enrollment in the Faculty is limited to 555 students, including transfer students. The Graduate School of Engineering consists of ten master’s courses (enrollment limit: 253) and one doctoral course (enrollment limit: 22), wherein advanced world class education and research are conducted. The number of students totaled about 3,200 at present, and they are enjoying university life while working hard together on the same campus regardless of departments, master and doctor courses, and grade levels.

The aim of the Faculty and the Graduate School is the education to foster Imagineers. In other words, it is the education of engineers possessing research and development capabilities and contributing to society as persons who can articulate (imagine) and realize dreams (engineer). In order to realize a dream, it is necessary not only to master leading-edge professional knowledge and technologies, but also to enhance individual abilities. In addition, in order to make contributions to society, engineers must absorb broad cultures and sharpen their communication abilities.

For this purpose, the education programs of the Faculty and Graduate School incorporate unique programs in addition to the fundamental Education Curricula. For example, for the purpose of broadening student perspectives, it is possible to freely enroll in specialized courses in addition to major courses. In particular, when a student enrolls in courses systematically, the student is approved to have a minor in that field. In addition, our Center for Innovative Research and Creative Leading Education, CIRCLE provides the latest machinery equipments and supports interdisciplinary project based learning wherein students are encouraged to work together as a team, forming small groups irrespective of departments and grade levels.

Such education programs of the Faculty and the Graduate School have earned high evaluation from inside and outside the university, and many programs have been chosen by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) as excellent education programs in universities throughout the nation. In addition, in the National University Evaluation conducted by MEXT, which was executed for the first time in 2008, the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School was ranked in the top class as to the education programs, methods, and the achievement.

The specialized education of the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering is supported by a teaching staff of 180 instructors. All belong to the Graduate School of Engineering, Research Center, or Laboratory. This shows that the fundamental education in mathematics, physics, and chemistry up to education in highly specialized fields are continuously backed up by leading-edge research. We are doing our best to develop students into world-class, well-established highly talented engineers.

The employment rate of our students boasts first or the second place each year among those in national universities, and the graduates who enter the business world are active in the frontlines of various fields. Why don’t you join us and set out to play a part in leading the world science and technology together with us in the heart of nature surrounded by the sea and mountains?